The primary function of the disinfecting floor cleaner program in healthcare is to create a clean, safe, and vigorous environment for patients or residents, staff, and visitors. Encompassed in this function is the disinfection of all environmental surfaces, which contains floors, walls, counters, furniture, etc.

Establishing and obeying to a sound program is the key to effective cleaning and disinfecting of environmental surfaces during a healthcare facility. This article concentrations on floor disinfection and provides guidelines for a good disinfecting floor care program.

A Floor Care Disinfection Program

A good floor disinfection program comprises three key fundamentals: use of effective disinfectants, tools, and procedures. All these three elements must be extant to be successful in physically and chemically eliminating soil and microorganisms.

Extraordinary attempts to disinfect floors are generally pointless. The actual physical removal of soil and microorganisms is perhaps at least as important as the germicidal action of the disinfectant used.

Effective Disinfectant Detergents

Disinfection Services

Low-level, hospital-grade disinfectants are the suggested products for floor care disinfection in healthcare surroundings. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) controls and registers all low-level hospital disinfectants service. To be measured as a hospital grade disinfectant, manufacturers must test their germicidal crops against three microorganisms.

Selecting a Disinfectant

When selecting a disinfectant, first review procedural research bulletins provided by vendors. These bulletins will identify the diverse microorganisms that the disinfectant has been verified against. Then match the tested microorganisms against those most widespread in your particular environment.

Also the microorganisms most are predominant, a disinfectant should have a wide range of kill; it should be capable of killing positive and negative viruses. Second, subtract the parts per million (PPM) of dynamic disinfectant.

All Tools and Procedures

As significant as the disinfectant-detergent is in the floor care disinfection program, the tools and processes used are as correspondingly as important. Suitable selection, use, and care of dust mops, wet/dry vacuums, and wet mops are acute to the success of the program.