Bandhavgarh National Park was The former hunting preserve of the Maharaja of Rewa and at present is a renowned natural hub for White Tigers. The main attraction in this park is white tigers, which were spotted in Rewa. Located at 197 km from Jabalpur, this National Park is one of those wild life sanctuaries in the Indian state Madhya Pradesh. The name of the wildlife comes from an ancient fort in the region. The density of the Tiger population at Bandhavgarh is the highest known in our country. It is known for its Royal Bengal Tigers. Bandhavgarh National Park is nestled among the Vindhya mountain ranges of central India. It boasts to have the highest density of tiger population in the nation. You may enjoy exploring the wildlife by two ways – Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari. Jeep safaris are undertaken during the early morning till day. The principal wildlife is still done in the heart of the park with its 32 picturesque and wooded hills. Stretches of bamboo and grasslands are covered till north.

As the mood For Holidays pumps up, the excitement levels to visit a brand new destination doubles and triples. Lots of new travelers like to research interesting and adventurous destinations that make it even more engaging and especially with the new generation becoming more independent concerning holidaying, their trend to see a different place is extremely important. Watching the tigers act in their natural manner and seeing them with all their might and majesty will indeed be very great to cherish. It is indeed a wonderful idea to spend a few beautiful moments of your life in the forest zones of India to experience this nation from another angle altogether. There is a lot India has to offer to the tourists in the form of the distinctive enchanted abode of the wild. The widespread of the national park is well known for its varied topographies of steep ridges, undulating hills, woods and open meadows.

In the Bandhavgarh National Park, You are welcomed by elephants you can ride on elephant back apart from the four wheelers. A forest guide will accompany you for the elephant safaris. While riding, you will enjoy rich flora and fauna of the park. Other crazy attractions are Nilgai, Chausingha, Chital, Chinkara, Wild Boar and occasionally a Fox or Jackal. The best time to Stop by the park is early in the morning or after 4 pm to spot the animals. bandhavgarh safari is an un-spoiled habitat For many different wildlife peculiar to the area, including gaur Indian bison, sloth bear, leopard, porcupine, wild boar, sambhar and spotted deer, Among others and needless to say, the tiger. Indian Tourism is a really special experience. More excitement, joy and wonder get added to this journey if wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserves are also included in the itinerary. India is indeed an excellent country to see and the wilderness will certainly pay back all that you have invested to offer you a memorable experience.