A menstrual cup is a flexible gadget worn inside the vaginal canal throughout menstrual cycle to accumulate menstrual liquid. Menstruation cups are an over the counter choice to pads and tampons. Menstruation cups are normally constructed from silicone or rubber. During your duration, you insert the menstrual cup into your vaginal area. If you are utilizing a recyclable menstrual cup, you clear the cup when it is complete, clean it and after that place it back in your vaginal area. If you are utilizing a non-reusable menstrual cup, you discard it after utilizing it. How usually you need to empty or change the menstrual cup relies on the size of the cup and also your menstruation circulation. Normally, a menstrual cup can hold much more menstruation flow than a tampon and can be cleared less frequently than you would certainly require to transform a tampon or pad.

  • No harmful compounds

Pads and tampons can have bleaches, taking in chemicals, perfumes, and also other irritants or allergens. The Queen Cup is made from medical grade silicone which cannot be damaged down or soaked up into the body.

  • No Poisonous Shock Disorder

Tampons have been shown to have a link to TSS, an uncommon however in some cases deadly disease triggered by bacterial infection. No such link exists with the Diva Cup because cups do not function though absorbency.

  • Down There

Health and wellness. Upon removal, tampons can scratch and also leave little thread fragments. Pads can create breakouts. The natural equilibrium down there is not compromised via the Queen Cup.

Taking part in sports can be a drag when it is that time. Remaining in the center of a game when you require to draw the goalie is not a perfect suit. Miss browsing your duffel for an alleviation gamer with the Diva Cup since cups can be maintained in bet 8-12 hours. When a cup is positioned correctly, it does not leakage and also cannot be found. Really feel cost-free to swim great deals of laps, ride a bike, or run a marathon. Sleep comfortably for 8-12 hrs with coc nguyet san lincup. Quit stuffing your handbag loaded with tampons and also pads. Carrying stocks of girlie things is a thing of the past. With the Queen Cup, your period fears are no much longer concerns. Most likely to school or work and forget it. No extra washroom trips till you obtain house hours later. You are complimentary. There is a little bit of an understanding contour getting used to folding and putting a Diva Cup. When placed properly, you do not really feel a thing. No mess, no difficulty, no trouble. It does not matter how hefty or light your circulation, one cup covers all stages in a cycle.