Wooden vanities are a beautiful decision for either your room or your bathroom. While the wooden look has been around for quite a while, it is as yet in style and elegant looking, especially in the event that you get something made from a hardwood instead of faux wood or composite wood. While getting a decent hardwood vanity unit made from Oak or Cherry wood can be somewhat expensive, you realize you are getting something that is acceptable quality and will last for a decent amount of time.

wooden vanity unit

Oak vanities are a decent choice. Oak wood is known to be durable and last quite a while and it looks pleasant as well. While some oak vanity units are painted, they also look decent with basically a decent completion on them. It gives them a natural look as then you can see the grain of the wood. Oak vanity units for bathrooms ought to be water verification, as wood that has not been treated appropriately will get destroyed rapidly whenever placed in the bathroom.

This is something you should check carefully prior to purchasing an oak vanity for the bathroom. On the off chance that you are purchasing one for the room, at that point you do not have to stress over it being waterproof, although it ought to be appropriately treated and varnished so it does not get termites after some time.

It is important to check the room where you will place the vanity to perceive how much space you have and how large or small you need the vanity to be. Measure the space you want to place the vanity unit in before you start shopping.

Your new bathroom furniture wooden vanity unit will arrive either flat-packed or ready assembled; the item portrayal on the web or in store ought to advise whether you will be required to self assemble the unit. On the off chance that self assembly is required, it ought to be sufficiently straightforward, and all the apparatuses you need ought to be given as part of the furniture pack. In the event that your vanity unit is too large to even consider fitting through the bathroom entryway, make sure to assemble it in situ!

When your vanity unit has been assembled, it is an ideal opportunity to install it. Most importantly, check you have all the necessary parts. Eliminate any drawers and open or eliminate cupboard entryways which would somehow disrupt everything as you fit and plumb in the unit.

We’re assuming here that your old vanity unit, on the off chance that you had one, has been eliminated, that your water supply and waste lines are laid, and that any new deck has been fitted. Before eliminating the old unit, you will have killed the water supply to the hot and cold lines taking care of the vanity unit, or alternatively killed the mains supply to the house.

Start by assessing the area. On the off chance that the water lines and waste project from the floor beneath where your vanity unit will sit, you’ll need to slice openings to accommodate them in the base of the unit; if these same lines come from the wall, you’ll need to cut the relevant openings in the back of the unit.