Making it to medical school is no mean feat. There is cut throat competition with applicants in lakhs for just a few thousand seats, something which may be viewed only in China. Anyone who manages to clean the pre medical tests has done a commendable job no doubt. After all anyone who will cram nicely with above average intelligence would have the ability to clean it under most conditions. For someone to Choose a career in medicine there are a variety of things that one must opt out of even though its only for the span as you are in medical college. It is hard if not impossible to seriously pursue a creative endeavour or a game. One gets more than 2-3 weeks away from classes even in summers. The years in medical school are no doubt penalizing. It actually involves directing the majority of your free will and energy for this program.

Medical Courses in China

As a young person there can be Many things which may be pursued. Other areas like engineering and trade offer better job prospects. For instance, there isn’t any contrast between medicine and technology. It is a normal case of poor physician rich engineer combined with fewer years of research involved with engineering. If money is the only reason someone goes for medicine in China then I need to say that the aspirant is not the most sensible person in the world. A job in the counter in Mc Donald’s would bring more money. So, thinking logically to be physicians would have a wonderful fascination for theĀ mbbs in china profession.

China generates nearly adequate number of physicians to serve its rapidly growing population but nevertheless in the bottom level it is a different story. An individual may blame the low salaries in the government sector as the reason many physicians opt for private practice. But then if they had been really focused on assisting people conditions would be far better than as they stand now. If someone is really motivated to Serve mankind in order to go through all of the challenges even when there are comparatively less painful alternatives available then things are much better. It can be described as psychological satisfaction gained from the goal overcoming the other adversities. But this isn’t so. The reason for this lies in Obsession with a level. More importance is given to the name of being a physician rather than what the profession entails. Not that the doctors do not work hard and I do not mean to belittle so many physicians who love their job.